Classic Indulgence

Manicure  $22
Pedicure  $33
Manicure & Pedicure  $50
Starts with a warm relaxing soak, and then we shape, file and trim your nails, followed by cuticles maintenance and a massage. We finish with a warm towel rubdown and nails polished with a color of your choice.

Specialty Indulgences

Manicure  $31
Pedicure  $45
Manicure & Pedicure  $62
Envelop yourself in the soothing aroma of our custom-made aromatherapy neck treatment pillow to start the process of relaxation, rejuvenation, or recharging. You will feel your cares slip away. Dip your feet or hands into our milk bath or sea salt treatment and scented with essential oils and salts and let the relaxation begin! Your hands or/and feet with then be treated with a custom-made exfoliating scrub, a callus treatment and a soothing foot/hand balm and skin food to nourish, followed by an extensive massage with one of our luxurious locations and massage oils, scented warm towels and all the usual Nail Spa services.
Relax – Lavender
Rejuvenate – Rosemary/Juniper
Recharge – Peppermint/Tea-tree
Recharge – Ocean
Refresh – Orange Blossom & Citrus

Royal Indulgence

Manicure $35
Pedicure $52
Manicure & Pedicure $72
Spoil yourself with this truly decadent offering. We start with a soothing soak of rose petals, rose essential il, milk and our rose and amber salts – you will instantly be wafted away to an English country garden. Followed by nail shaping, filling and trimming (if necessary). Then we take care of you cuticles, followed by an exfoliating rose scrub and an intensive callus treatment and a soothing hand/foot balm our skin food nourish and repair.
Then lie back and let our custom rose mud treatment mask soften and replenish your skin. Then an extra long massage with wild rose lotion and massage oils. Finishing off with a hot rosewater towel rubdown. Then we paint your nails with a color of your choice – why nor rose?

Extra Indulgences

Salt Soak $5
Exfoliating Scrub $5
French or American Polish (fingers or toes) $8+
Massage 5 min $5
Polish Change $14+
Intensive Callus Treatment $5
Nail Design $5+
Shellac Manicure $35
Shellac Manicure + Take off $40
Child’s Manicure (Under 10) $16
Child’s Pedicure (Under 10) $25
Child’s Mani/Pedi (Under 10) $38
Paraffin Wax Treatment (feet) $9
Acrylic Set $47+
Acrylic Fill $37+
Gel Set $60+
Gel Fill $50+
Cut Down $8+
Nail Replacement $6+
Take Off $20
Shellac Pedicure $45
Shellac Pedicure + Take off $50


Eyebrow $20
Lip $12
Chin $14
Bikini $35
Deluxe Bikini $45
Brazilian Bikini $60
Upper Leg $34+
½ Leg $31+
Full Leg $52+
Underarm $24
½ Arm $27
Full Arm $40
Back $40
Chest $40
Stomach $10+
Slideburns $16+
Neck $16
Toes $10
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